Content is King

I'm Octavian Nistor, a freelance SEO writer who likes to bring quality content to people in need.

5 Honest Reasons Why You Should Hire Me:

1. I don't have a full-time job so my schedule is flexible

It means that I'll try my best to deliver your content in time, and it also means that I can respond to all of your requests as soon as possible because neither I nor you want to waste time.


2. I am patient and I have plenty of time to do research on any given topics

I spend a lot of time reading, watching documentaries, patiently watching tutorials, and writing articles for my personal blog which taught me where and what to look for when I need a specific information.


3. I am open-minded so you can discuss with me on any subject

Because I am open-minded, before acting on any of my ideas, first I analyze, I am trying different approaches and I am choosing the best one that fits your n.


4. I am willing to edit your content until you're fully satisfied

I am fully satisfied when you are fully satisfied, so I will make changes to your article until it gets right, and if in the end, it doesn't fit your request, I don't expect any money for that.


5. I will write the first article for free, as a sample

Yes, it is true. I want to give you a free article in the beginning but all I ask instead is an honest feedback from you. It can be 1-2 sentences that describe my work, even if it is good or very bad, I just want to find out what I can improve.