Thank you for visiting my page!

This is the first step and a very important one for our future business relationship.

I’m Octavian Nistor, a freelance SEO writer who likes to bring quality content to people in need.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

I don’t have a full job so my schedule is flexible

It means that I’ll try my best to deliver your content in time, and it also means that I can respond to all of your requests as soon as possible because neither I nor you want to waste time.

I am patient and I have plenty of time to do research on any topics

Being a student isn’t a very easy thing but when I have free time I like to spend it researching on the internet, learning new things, patiently watching tutorials, reading and writing articles for my personal blog which taught me where and what to look for when I need a specific information.

I am open minded so you can discuss with me on any subject

Because I am open minded, before acting on any of my ideas, firstly I analyze, I am trying different approaches and I am choosing the best one that fits for the client needs.

I am willing to edit your content until you’re fully satisfied

I am fully satisfied when you are fully satisfied, so I will make changes to your article until it gets right, and if in the end, it doesn’t fit your request, I don’t expect any money for that.

I will write the first article for free as a sample

Yes, it is true. I want to give you a free article in the beginning but all I ask instead is an honest feedback from you. It can be 1-2 sentences which describe my work, even if it is good or very bad, I just want to find out what I can change for the future.